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High Jump Rules

Starting Heights:

Year 7 

Div 1: 1.10m

Div 2: 1.10m

Year 8&9

Div 1: 1.35m

Div 2: 1.2m 

Year 10 & 11/12

Div 1: 1.3m

Div 2: 1.25m 

The event is run according to the rules of the Amateur Athletic Association with these provisos*

Any competitor who leaves the venue to compete in another event will be allowed to return and have the bar lowered to the next height above that of which she last jumped after first warming up.


In jumping for height:

i) the competitor with the lowest number of jumps at the height at which the
 tie occurs shall be awarded the higher place.

ii) If a tie still remains, the competitor with the lowest total of failures throughout
 the competition up to and including the height last cleared shall be awarded
 the higher place.

iii) If a tie still remains:

a) If it concerns the first place, the competitors tying shall have one more jump at the lowest height at which any of those involved in the tie failed and if no decision is reached, the bar shall be lowered or raised to the heights which shall be announced by the Chief Judge of the event, they shall then attempt one jump on each occasion when deciding the tie.

b) If it concerns any other place, the competitors shall be awarded the same place in the competition.

Each competitor is permitted to compete in another event as long as they report out and in to the person in-charge and move swiftly between events.  A competitor can jump or throw out of order so that results of that Year can be completed.