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Discus Records

YR 7   24.59M

YR 8   30.73M

YR 9   36.82M

YR 10   36.66M

YR 11/12  41.12M

Discus Rules


Tape Measure  
School Flags x 8
1 Red + White Flag  
2 Hand Towels  

1. Each girl is allowed 3 throws – all of which are to be measured to the exact measure thrown.

2. The discus must be thrown from within the circle.  Competitors must  not leave the circle until the discus lands.

3. Competitors may leave the circle anywhere over the rear half.


4. “No Throw” occurs when:

 i) the thrower leaves the circle from front
 ii) if discus does not land inside the sector
 iii) foot or any part of body touches over or beyond front
  line is a “no throw”

5. Tape must come through the centre of circle when measuring.

 i) O end where discus land
 ii) read distance from the outer edge of the circle

6. Note: Students may use their own equipment.  However, please ensure they are correct weight (ie 750 gm for Year 7 and 1kg size for other years and wooden or fibreglass), that they have been cleared by the technical officer and are available to other competitors.

7. Sandshoes to be worn.

8. Each competitor is permitted to compete in another event as long as they report out and in to the person in-charge and move swiftly between events.

 A competitor can jump or throw out of order so that results of that year can
 be completed.