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Shot Put Records

YR 7   10.54M

YR 8   11.12M

YR 9   12.65M

YR 10   11.87M

YR 11/12  12.68M

Shot Put Rules

  1. A competitor may have 15 minutes warm up in total.
  2. Each competitor has three throws, is credited with the best of all her puts.
  3. The competitor must commence the throw from a stationary position inside the circle ie cannot walk in and use momentum of walk to start throw.
  4. Handling
    • the shot shall be put with one hand only
    • the shot must touch or be close to the chin at all times
    • the hand (with shot) must not be dropped below this position during action
    • the shot must not be brought behind the line of the shoulders
  5. The competitor is allowed to touch the inside of the iron band and the stop board.
  6. It is a foul throw if the competitor once the action has started touches with any part of her body:
    • the ground outside the circle
    • the top of the iron band
    • the top of the stop board
    • the top of circle
    • it is a foul throw if the shot lands outside the sector
  7. Provided that (6) has not been infringed, a competitor may interrupt a throw once started, lay down her implement, leave the circle and return to start afresh.
  8. The competitor must not leave the circle until the throwing implement has touched the ground and then may leave the circle anywhere over the rear half.
  9. Measurement must be made from the nearest edge of the mark made by the shot in a straight line to the centre of the circle to the inner edge of the stop board.
  10. In case of a Tie:
    • The second best performance of the competitors who are tied shall decide the Tie.
    • If the tie still remains, the third best and so on.
  11. Each competitor is permitted to leave the site to compete in a track event as long as they report out and in to the person in-charge and move swiftly between events.
  12. A competitor can jump or throw out of order so that results of that Year can be completed.
  13. Note: Students may use their own equipment.  However, please ensure they are correct weight (ie 1kg size and wooden or fibreglass), that they have been cleared by the technical officer and are available to other competitors.


Year 7 - 2kg Shot

Year 8 & 9  - 3kg Shot

Year 10 & 11/12 - 4kg Shot