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Javelin Records

YR 8   31.20M

YR 9   34.88M

YR 10   41.40M

YR 11/12  42.03M

Javelin Rules

The duties of the javelin officials can be categorised as follows:

  1. Measuring the retrieval of implements should be done without delay
  2. If a competitor must leave to compete in a track event, the competition continues without her.  When the competitor returns, she may rejoin the competition or finish the remaining throws (whichever is applicable). DO NOT STOP THE COMPETITION.
  3. Each competitor has three throws.

During the Event

The Throws Judges are responsible for the following:

  1. Measure and record each of the three throws.
  2. Reporting any problems to the Field Referee.

The Sector Judge is responsible for the following:

  1. Judging whether the javelin landed in “fair” or “foul” territory.  It must land within the inner edge of the sector lines.
  2. Placing the “zero” end of the tape at the point of impact closest to the thrower.
  3. Judging whether the javelin touched the ground tip first.  If not, the throw is a “foul”.  The javelin need not stick into the ground nor make a mark.
  4. Each throw is measured, the flag left in.
  5. The competitor may not leave the sector until the javelin has struck the ground.
  6. It is a “no throw” if the competitor makes contact with or touches over the throwing line of the sector.
  7. The competitor may not turn her back on the landing area between the commencement of a throw and discharge of the javelin.
  8. The javelin must be thrown over the shoulder or upper part of the throwing arm and shall not be slung or hurled.


In those field events where the result is determined by distance, the second best performance of the competitors tying shall decide the tie. Then, if necessary, the third best, and so on.

Each competitor must be permitted to complete in another event as long as they report out and in to the person in-charge and move swiftly between events.  A competitor can jump or throw out of order so that results of that Year can be completed.

Note: Students may use their own equipment.  However, please ensure they are correct weight (ie 1kg size and wooden or fibreglass), that they have been cleared by the technical officer and are available to other competitors.


Year 7 and 8 - 400gm Javelin

Year 9,10,11,12 - 600gm Javelin