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Long Jump Records

YR 7   4.48M

YR 8   5.11M

YR 9   5.47M

YR 10   6.10M

YR 11/12  5.70M

Long Jump Rules

  1. Each competitor has 3 jumps.
  2. Each competitor is permitted to compete in another event, as long as they report out and in to the person in-charge and move swiftly between events.
  3. A competitor, related to (2) can jump out of order so that results of that year can be completed.
  4. A competitor fails if she touches the ground beyond the take-off line.
  5. A competitor is disqualified if she walks back through the landing area.  She must continue on out of the pit.
  6. If a competitor runs through the pit without jumping, it is counted as one of their three (3) jumps.
  7. A competitor is not allowed to employ any form of somersault.
  8. The measurement is taken from the first impression, nearest to the take-off board (whether it is a heel, bottom, hands, etc)
  9. If there is a tie for first, a result is achieved by the two competitors second best performance and then third best performance after this, a tie is achieved.