Welcome to the IGSSA (Western Australia)


Congratulations to Iona who he created history by winning the IGSSA Athletics Champion School title in 2020. This is the First ever win for Iona in the 58 year history of the event, and they dominated by winning the Champion Track School and Champion Field School on the day.

Please see the Athletics Page for more details and results.

Term 3 Sport fixtures are now concluded. Congratulations to St Mary's who won the Overall Champion school in Basketball, and Iona who took out the title for Champion School in Soccer. Please see the sport pages for final results.


Welcome to the Independent Girls' Schools' Sports Association (IGSSA) of Western Australia.

Member schools

The member schools compete during the year in weekly sporting fixtures, and organise  and participate in inter-school sports carnivals in a large variety of sports. IGSSA was established initially in 1963. It aims to provide quality sporting opportunities for students to participate at different levels of competition in the pursuit of a healthy, active lifestyle.

For the latest information about IGSSA Sporting Competitions including current ladders, fixtures and venues please contact you school. 2020 has also seen the release of a new IGSSA App to provide you with all the sporting information you require. Look up IGSSAWA in the Apple App Store or in Google play to download the App now.

IGSSA Year at a Glance

TERM 1 2020

Swimming                         Friday 13 March                (6pm – 9pm) @ HBF Stadium - CANCELLED

*Badminton (Yr 11/12)     Friday 27th March            4.15pm– 8.15pm at MLC &  Friday 3 April as extra date if required

* This event is not compulsory

Team sports                       Wed 19th Feb – Thu 2nd April  (Tennis & Vball)


TERM 2 2020

Rowing 1                             Sat 9 May                            8.30am – 12pm @ CLRC (PC host)

Rowing 2                             Sat 23 May                          8.30am – 12pm @ CLRC (PLC host)

PSA / IGSSA Golf               Friday 29 May                    8.00am (RPGC)

Rowing 3                             Sat 6 June                            8.30am – 12pm @ CLRC (StH host)

Rowing 4                             Sat 13 June                         8.30am – 12pm @ CLRC (JTC host)

X-Country                           Friday 19 June                   2.45pm – 4.30pm @ Aldebury Reserve

Rowing HOR                       Sat 27 June                         8.30am – 12.45pm @ CLRC (MLC host)

Team sports                       Wed 13th May – Thu 25th June (Netball & Hockey)


TERM 3 2020

Rehearsal Dance               Thu 27 Aug         8.00am – 3.30pm @ (50 min per school)

Dance Festival                   Friday 28 Aug     7.30pm – 9.30pm @ Perth College

Athletics                            Tue 15 Sept        8.30 am – 2pm @ WA Aths Stadium

Team sports                       Wed 5th Aug – Thu 17th Sept (Soccer & B’Ball)


TERM 4 2020

Senior W’polo (10-12)    Friday 30 Oct – One day event 9am – 2.30pm at HBF Stadium

Senior Softball (10-12)    Friday 30 Oct      One day event 9am – 4.30pm at Mirrabooka Stadium

Jnr Waterpolo (7-9)         Tues 20th Oct – Tues 24th Nov     

Jnr Softball (7-9)              Wed 14 Oct – Wed 25th Nov                                                  

Jnr Badminton (9/10)*      Friday 23 Oct & Friday 6 Nov  4.15pm– 8.15pm at MLC

* This event is not compulsory

AFL (Year 7-10)                Wed 28th Oct – Thu 26th Nov (Year 7/8 Wed pm & Year 9/10 Thu pm)       

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