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2015 IGSSA News

Congratulations to St Mary's who have won the IGSSA Champion School in Sport Trophy; a tally of all the  results of IGSSA Sport played throughout the year (with the exception of Rowing which is not done by all the IGSSA Schools). PLC were the Runner Up Champion sporting school in 2014, with St Hilda's finishing in third.

The 2015 IGSSA Swimming Carnival will be held at HBF Stadium on Friday the 13th of March, starting at 6pm. Please see the swimming page for all information.


Upcoming Events for 2015:-

IGSSA Swimming - 13th March  at HBF Stadium (formerly know as Challenge Stadium)

Rowing Regatta 1 - 9th May at Canning

Rowing Regatta 2 - 23rd May at Canning

Rowing Regatta 3 - 6th June at CLRC

Rowing Regatta 4 - 13th June at CLRC

IGSSA X-Country - 19th June at Aldebury Reserve

Head of the River Regatta - 27th June at CLRC

IGSSA Dance Festival - 27th August at Perth College

IGSSA Athletics Carnival - 15th September at State Aths Stadium

Welcome to the Independent Girls' Schools' Sports Association (IGSSA) of Western Australia.

Member schools

The member schools compete during the year in weekly sporting fixtures, and organise  and participate in inter-school sports carnivals in a large variety of sports. IGSSA was established initially in 1963. It aims to provide quality sporting opportunities for students to participate at different levels of competition in the pursuit of a healthy, active lifestyle.

For the latest information about IGSSA Sporting Competitions including current ladders, rules and venues please click on the appropriate tab.

Congratulations to St Mary's, The IGSSA Champion School in 2014. School Principal, 2014 Sports Captain and Head of Sport proudly hold the trophy.

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